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This is my list for the 1001 Project. The goal is to achieve all of the things on this list in 1001 days, or by Monday, October 5 2009. Fingers crossed!*

Edit: italics are in progress, and crossed out means it's done!

1. Have a spa treatment. - made a booking to have one on 17/2/07. UPDATE: I um, actually didn't go and now my gift voucher has expired. Whoops. I've had a massage, does that count? I definitely did this in Thailand, so it's gone!
2. Go to the gym/swimming at least 3 times a week for 2 months. - Commenced this on the week ending 6/1/07. As of 10/2/07 I've completed six weeks!
3. Follow weight watchers for six weeks without cheating.
4. Don’t drink any soft drink for a month.
5. Write a list of at least five good sleeping habits (e.g. not drinking caffeine after 7pm, going to bed at a regular hour each night) and follow them for two weeks.
6. Incorporate at least four serves of fruit and vegies each day for a month. UPDATE: I actually think I do this already, but I guess I haven't "officially" done this.
7. Develop a skin care regimen

8. Grow flowers on my deck.
9. Grow herbs and use them in cooking.
10. Go to 50+ house inspections. UPDATE: This is definately in progress, I've probably been to about 20.
11. Put up Christmas decorations each Christmas.
12. Buy a piece of artwork.
13. Enlarge my best photos from Europe and NYC and frame them.

14. Organise all my superannuation funds into the same account
15. Contribute at least $100/week to my ING savings account (or 10% of my take home pay, whichever is greater).
16. Pay off my car loan.
17. Stop paying rent and start paying a mortgage Done, hurrah!
18. Get contents insurance

19. Organise something for my birthday.
20. Find a team sport that I might enjoy and give it a go.
21. Initiate conversations with ten people I usually don’t talk to.
22. Do at least ten random acts of kindness.
23. Have people over for a meal that I have cooked.
24. Make a mix CD for someone
25. Be more open to meeting people and trying new things – go to at least five events that I would usually have said no to.
26. Develop a strategy for leaving events when I’ve had enough.

Skills and creativity
27. Do a creative writing course.
28. Do a photography course.
29. Practice piano four times a week for at least 2 months.
30. Take 1 photo every day for a year. - began on 1/1/07. UPDATE: Yeah, I kind of gave up around April. Better luck next year, I guess!
31. Learn a piece of modern/popular music for piano by an artist I like, just for fun. - ordered some sheet music on 22/1/07.

32. Decorate/personalise my desk.
33. Maintain a to do list and file regularly.
34. Approach two people I would like to work with more regularly and discuss.
35. Think about options for working overseas and/or finding work outside private practice law firms. Discuss with a recruitment agent or careers counsellor. This is in progress - I think it will be an in-house move, but I wno't be doing anything about it until the new year.

Food and Drink
36. Make home made pasta.
37. Make beautifully decorated cup-cakes.
38. Do a coffee appreciation course.
39. Learn how to cook a good Indian curry.
40. Develop a decent knowledge of wine.
41. Go to the South Melbourne market to do my shopping each weekend for a month.
42. Make my own sushi.

43. Go to the zoo
44. Join a choir -
45. Go to that record store in West Melbourne. - did 30/1/07
46. Do the chocolate walking tour.
47. Join a book club.
48. Go to at least one show at the Comedy Festival. Saw Ross Noble and Daniel Kitson during the 2007 Comedy Fest.
49. Go the farmers market at Abbotsford convent.
50. Go to at least one film at the film festival.
51. Go to the Rose Street artists' market.
52. >Go to at least one play by MTC (or similar) - saw "The History Boys" on April 28 2007.
53. Go to the ANZAC day dawn service
54. Attend a dance class/try and find somewhere to do ballet again.
55. Go to the opera.
56. Go to an outdoor movie or free concert.
57. Do a walk or fun run for charity.
58. Take Hollie to the Million Paws walk.
59. Find a theatre group and be involved in a play (even if just backstage)
60. Go to a trivia night - actually went to my work one back in June 2007. Not that exciting, really!
61. Go to the Melbourne Cup (or one of the other spring racing carnival days).
62. Go snorkelling (I did it once, in Cinque Terre, but would like to try it again!) I did this in Thailand, many times!
63. Go to the grape grazing festival or a winery tour.
64. Go to the short & sweet festival (if it’s on again).

65. Visit Kath in Perth. Did this November 2007
66. Go back to NYC for a couple of weeks.
67. Go to (or at least start planning a trip to) Vietnam and Cambodia. Well, I'm going to say this is done because I went to Thailand, which is in the general vicinity. I still want to go to Vietnam and Cambodia but don't know if I can afford to do that as well before this thing ends...
68. Plan a “girl’s weekend away” somewhere not-too-far-away. Went to Phillip Island November 2007.

69. Buy a digital SLR (Canon EOS-400D or similar) - Bought an EOS-400D on 18/1/07.
70. Write out a list of a good basic wardrobe and work towards it gradually.
71. Renew my LJ paid account.
72. Buy a pair of bright red shoes.

Things to read and watch
73. Read 10 Pulitzer Prize-winning books or Booker Prize winning books I haven't read before
74. Start a “to read” and “to watch” list for books and movies that pop into my head and work through them.
75. Spend a whole day watching movies I haven’t seen and have always meant to watch.
76. Use my City Library membership instead of buying books.
77. Watch all of the dr who and torchwood episodes in order
78. Read all the unread books I own
79. Read about the history of Vietnam and Cambodia before going there.

80. Load all my CDs into iTunes and organise the song and artist titles.
81. Figure out why iTunes/music won’t play on my computer and have it fixed.
82. Set up a system for organising bills and documents.
83. Go through my wardrobe and discard any clothes that I haven’t worn in the past year. Give old work clothes to Fitted for Work.
84. Clean out my bedroom at my parents’ house.
85. Give away or sell the books, CDs and DVDs that I am never going to watch/read/listen to again.
86. Write down all the recipes I use regularly in one book. - I've started doing this.

Good Habits (3 months will mark as complete)
87. Wash my car every month.
88. Use my reusable shopping bags each time I go shopping.
89. Don’t buy anything that’s not on my shopping list.
90. Go no more than three days without updating live journal (unless travelling or in dire circumstances!)

Random things
91. Sell something on eBay.
92. Learn how to put my hair up.
93. Go to the cinema alone.
94. Wear jewellery regularly.
95. Either get my watch fixed or buy a new one!
96. Buy a piece of old furniture and make it look nice.
97. Do some charity work or sign up for Good Company.
98. Discover five new music artists/bands. - 1) Ane Brun, 2) The Fratellis 3) Fleet Foxes 4) The Kooks
99. Make something out of the beautiful piece of pink material I have (and which I’ve kept but don’t know what to do with!)
100. Start a jar for putting spare change in and buy something frivolous with it at the end of the year. - I started the jar using this little money box I got given at work. there's a few dollars in there as of 11/2/07.
101. Send Christmas cards.
102. Attend my ten year high school reunion
103. Buy myself flowers

*however, if any of them turn out to be impossible or just not something I want to do anymore, I reserve the right to cheat and cross them off regardless! :-)

Date: 2007-01-08 11:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That's an excellent list. It makes me want to do something like this.

Date: 2007-01-10 11:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You should give it a try. :-) It'll be interesting to see how many I actually do!


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