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2007-01-08 09:59 pm
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1001 Project

This is my list for the 1001 Project. The goal is to achieve all of the things on this list in 1001 days, or by Monday, October 5 2009. Fingers crossed!*

Edit: italics are in progress, and crossed out means it's done!

101 in 1001 days )

*however, if any of them turn out to be impossible or just not something I want to do anymore, I reserve the right to cheat and cross them off regardless! :-)
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2003-02-12 09:45 pm

Just a FYI

I've cut my friends list down a bit: I don't think any of those removed will mind, since they were mainly people who had removed me, or who I've never spoken to. :-) Besides which, I'm finding I have less&less time for livejournal at the moment, and my friends list was getting a little overwhelming.